5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Time

Time is the currency of your life. Spend it wisely.

Time is the currency of life. The only difference is you don't work for the time you're given...so there's no way to make or earn more of it. So, what's left? Many people try to make the best of what they have...instead of living the best life while they have it.

Some will say schedules, routines and plans work best, and they do for the 2 weeks most of us can adhere to them. They're really undeniable the most recommended way to get everything accomplished. So establishing a routine or pairing up with someone who can show you a great regime for your busy life is probably a great option and money well spent.

But what about the rest of us....who may set resolutions in January and need to restart them by Martin Luther King Jr. Day. If that's you (ME) then you may want to give some alternatives a try. I mean why not....what else is there to lose but more time. So here are 5 ways to try to get the most out of your day and life....

1.) Pray Before You Make Your Plans for the Day: This will help you focus and remain in a state of gratitude. Ask for guidance on how best to spend your time and energy. Pray for a clear path forward and that every step taken leads you toward your purpose and destiny. Consider this another way of tithing (this should not be a substitute for your financial tithes). If you can't pray one day because you woke up too late... take a little time in the car on the way to work... and then follow up the next day with an extended morning prayer time. This is literally a game changer.

2.) Be Intentional: Create focused goals and deliberately take steps to support that vision. Meaning, I probably wouldn't spend a lot of time in the mall or at Walmart and Target if my goal is saving. And if it's a necessity to go, maybe establish a time limit of being in the store and only go down the aisle of items you need to purchase. (I've overspent so many times in Target and Walmart without even realizing it until I was at the cash register)

3.) Protect Your Peace: You can't afford any amount of time spent on drama or anything that is contrary to bringing you peace, it cost TOO much. You don't have to reply to every request and comment. Sometimes, "see and don't see"... in other words be aware of what is happening but if it is negative it doesn't deserve your response. Even with good intentions, you'll find yourself spending most of your day trying to clear up someone's issues.

4.) Don't Delay: The saying "don't put off until tomorrow what you could do today" still rings true. Don't take the easy way out. You never know what the next day may bring so seize every opportunity the day in front of you presents. For instance, preparing the meatloaf in the pan and placing it in the frig the night before, so the following day you just have to throw it in the oven. It could save you time and money by picking up fast food after an unexpected rough day.

5.) Put "You" on Your "To Do" List: That's right EVERY day. Self care is imperative to your stamina. I know it sounds crazy.. Many are probably thinking "I don't have time to get the things I need to get done how do I have time to pamper myself". It doesn't matter if it's 5 minutes or 55 minutes. Take a moment to unwind and reflect on positive accomplishments of your day. Maybe it's with a cup of tea, a bowl of ice cream, reading the bible or a good novel... OR in silence locked in the bathroom ( it's true some days that's the only way I get it in). If you don't consider yourself a priority, no one else will.

Now you may be saying what about my "To Do" list... well still do those too or supplement these tips with a planner. Just remember the amount of things you accomplish or money you make will never equate to truly living your best life.

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